Creating ambience.

SML Lighting designs and develops outstanding lighting solutions with high-quality products for private, corporate and public clients. 

The solutions are developed by our own team or together with our skilled partners. 

Our ambition is to be the best partner in lighting and lighting design!

With a dedicated team, high competence and creativity we are able to design and develop the very best lighting solutions for our clients.

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Our ambition is to be the best partner in lighting and lighting design!

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We strive to provide quality products and lighting design that give added value and create the best spatial ambience for our clients.

We are proud to represent some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers.

For more than 70 years in the lighting industry, we have delivered solutions ranging from large projects that loom in the landscape, to small lighting gems illuminating public spaces and private homes. See our projects here. 

Today we are a team of 23 employees with a highly professional lighting expertise. Our offices are located in Skøyen, Oslo and Sarpsborg, Norway.

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Our task is to deliver lighting solutions that create an added value for people, as well as for our clients.

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The lighting profession is in constant development on several levels; technological, HSE, energy economy and public lighting requirements. An example of a new requirement in public lighting is Human Centric Lighting (HCL).

HCL is people-oriented lighting. It is a type of solution that supports the human circadian rhythm by changing colour temperature and the amount of given light, much in the same manner as natural outdoor light. This contributes to improved concentration, relaxation and sleep.

Our employees are continually updated in HCL-technology through their own development projects as well as through collaboration with leading suppliers from all over the world.

We know lighting!

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Over several decades of development and delivery of lighting solutions we have acquired the experience and management tools that give our clients the confidence that their project whether large or small will be completed according to plan.

Our team can provide total management of your project.

Collaboration with our partners

We are always part of a larger team.  Builder. Client. Architect. Interior designer.  Consultant.  Installer.  Contractor. Project manager.  We collaborate every single day with various professions on larger and smaller projects. We have great respect for the many professionals working with us in related fields.

Collaboration is the key to good solutions.

Our team